Biomechanics - Physiotherapy - Psychology


All sport biomechanics facilities and equipment available every day on-site. The Institute of Biomechanics is one of the world leading biomechanical labs (Director: Prof. Gert-Peter Brüggemann). Possible are three-dimensional kinematography, use of force platforms, high speed video, Laveg Laser device etc. Great data base for comparative analysis is used for analysis. A highly qualified and experienced staff for elite sports is available. Costs depending on research subject.


The following physiotherapy services are available:
1. Department of physiotherapy at the Olympic Training Centre Cologne, on the campus.
2. Physiotherapy service of the University Athletics Club “LT DSHS Cologne” on the campus.
3. Physiotherapy service “Micas”, app. 500 from the campus.

All sport physiology and sport medicine facilities and equipment are available on-site every day. Treadmill, oxygen uptake, high altitude simulation, lactate analysis, hormone regulation and various other measures and procedures can be used. Two medical doctors are in the department of athletics. Highly qualified staff for elite sports in sports medicine and physiology departments. The Institute of Biochemistry (Director: Prof. Wilhelm Schänzer) is one of the IOC accredited Doping labs. Costs depending on research subject.


All sport psychology facilities and equipment are available every day on campus.
Focus: Control of arousal, mental competition strategies, planning of individual career with highly qualified staff for elite sports. Costs depending on research subject.