German Sport University

The German Sport University Cologne was founded in 1947. In 1970 it was recognised as a regular university. Actually there are approximately 7000 students including some 450 foreign students from 63 different countries. The German Sport University Cologne is the only Sport University in Germany. It has gained a worldwide reputation for excellence and is a highly recognised institution in sciences and education in sport world-wide.

The campus of the German Sport University is excellently suited to meet the athletes demands for training, check-up and recreation. All the facilities are in an immediate proximity. The distance from a laboratory to a lecture room equals that from the canteen to the Sports halls. The students' residences are attractively located in lavish greens within the campus. The modern Sports facilities were constructed to the highest technical level.

There are spacious halls for the Sports games as well as a special athletics centre with a short sprint track as well as facilities for jumping and throwing events. To round off the picture there are the hall for artistic gymnastics and the swimming centre, meeting all the required demands, along with various outdoor facilities for athletics, tennis, soccer, hockey and other sports.

Many of the sports facilities have equipment for scientific research. Thus, the floor of the athletics centre comprises force platforms, light barrier devices and vibration platforms for strength training. The scientific departments are furnished with modern apparatus to maximize the efficacy and performance in the areas of medical and natural sciences. The proximity to international airport Cologne-Bonn is 20 minutes.