Institute of Movement and Neuroscience

The Institute of Movement and Neuroscience comprises of more than 20 co-workers. Main scientific focuses of the institute are sports-medicine, biomechanics and training and competition monitoring. Six Co-workers are just responsible for education, research and training in athletics.

The co-workers of the institute are in close daily contact with the practice of performance sport. This extends from the former and current advisory and support function of different national teams to the worldwide teaching within the framework of educational courses for top performance coaches of the International Association of Athletics Federations up to the practical coaching in different performance sports. The multitude of duties create good conditions to profit from the international experiences as well as from the knowledge of different disciplines and contribute to the current discussion dealing with training and competition control.

Three of the athletics lecturers are involved in the elaboration and development of the IAAF Coaches Education and Certification (CECS) program since its very beginning in 1990. To a large extend the IAAF educational material was produced by members of the Institute.

The close personal and topical connection with the Athletics-Team of the German Sport University Cologne enables the systematic use of performance diagnostical and training accompanying scientific measures for the training and competition control.