Current athletes

James Grayman, born 1987, Antigua & Barbuda, 2.27m

 After to years in Cuba James came to the centre in March. James was a participant in the WC 2007 and OG 2008, Commonwealth Games 2006 and 2010 and a bronce medalist in PanAm Games 2007. 

James is preparing for both the PanAm 2011 and London Olympics 2012. 

William Woodcock, born 1987, Seychelles, 2.20m

William is the national record holder of Seychellles and two times winner of the Indian Ocean Island Games. He participated in the WC Osaka 2007 and in several African Champs.  

His next focus will be the All Africa Games 2011 and the London Olympics, where he hopes to make the standard. 

Gobe Takobana, born 1991, Botswana, 2.20m 

Gobe is the "rookie" at World High Jump Centre. He came in March 2011 and is on a long term prparartion for the major events in the future. 

In 2011 his focus will be on the All Africa Games in Maputo

Elena Brambilla, born 1983, Italy, 1.87m 

Elena is the first female athlete at the centre. After a long period of injuries Elena is preparing her comeback.




Former athletes 

Kabelo Kgosiemang, born 1986, Botswana, 2.34 m
Kabelo came in November 2005 as the African Junior Champion with a PB of 2.16m  to the centre. In 2006 he improved to 2.30m, winning the African title and repesenting Africa in the World Cup. He won the All Africa Games in 2007 and made the final in WC in Osaka. 2008 he won the African Champs with a winning height of 2.34m and qualified for the Olympics. 2009 he made the final in WC in Berlin. 
2010 he finished 6th in the WIC in Doha and 3rd in the Commonwealth Games in Delhi. 


Eike Onnen, born 1982, Germany, 2.34 m

Eike came in November 2009 as a multiple German champion to the centre. His greatest year was in 2007, when he cleared 2.34m, won the European Cup and came 7th in the WC in Osaka.

After 2 years of injury problems Eike is preparing is comeback for 2010.




Karim Lotfy, born 1987, Egypt, 2.25 m

Karim joined the centre in autumn 2006 with a PB of 2.16m. In 2008 he set three new national records and was No. 2 in the World Junior ranking.  

He represented Egypt in both the World Junior Champs 2008 and the Mediteranean Games 2009.  




Mohamed Tallat Abou Taleb, born 1989, Egypt, 2.20 m

Mohamed is the newcomer at the centre (Nov. 2009) and the youngest athlete.








Sere Boubacar, Burkian Faso, 2,22m

High Jump Born: 13.05.1984 Place of birth: Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso Height: 2,00m Weight: 84Kg General Informations: - started athletics 1998 - used to train in the High Performance Training Center in Mauritius - came November 2007 to Germany - IAAF scholarship holder - National Record holder - Personal best 2,22m Progression: 2001: 2,00m 2002: 1,95m 2003: 2,16m 2004: 2,17m 2005: 2,22m 2006: 2,22m 2007: 2,20m Career highlights 2004 - 2nd Place African Championships with 2,17m 2006 - 2nd Place African Championships with 2,22m 2007 - 5th Place All Africa Games with 2,20m


Guest Athletes

Several guest athletes attended the centre in the past 3 years, amongst them the high jumpers


Nicole Forrester (CAN, 1,97m)

Elena Brambilla (ITA, 1.87m)

Martyn Bernhard (GBR, 2.30m)

Tora Harris (USA, 2.33m)

Jamie Nieto (USA, 2.34m)

Jesse de Lima (BRA, 2.32m) and

Jesse Williams (USA, 2.34m).